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Tecopa PupfishAccording to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species (version 2011.1) there are 58 ray-finned fish species (Actinopterygii) and 1 lamprey species (Petromyzontida, previously Cephalaspidomorphi) that became extinct in recent years. The IUCN list no extinct fish subspecies. (IUCN 2010, IUCN 2011)

The subjoined list contains 62 extinct ray-finned fish species, 12 ray-finned fish subspecies, 1 lamprey species and none lamprey subspecies.

Photo: A Tecopa Pupfish (Cyprinodon nevadensis calidae). Photographed by Phil Pister and published in the book 'Endangered Wildlife of California' by the Resources Agengy, Department of Fish and Game, State of California (U.S.A.). This book contains no visible notice of copyright and the exact publication date is unknown. According to Internet Archive this book, and thereby this image, is in the public domain.

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Ray-finned Fish (Actinopterygii)

The subjoined table shows the ray-finned fish species and subspecies that recently became globally extinct.

Species (62)
Scientific Name Common Name TEW Status IUCN Status
Acanthobrama hulensis Unknown EX EX
Alburnus akili Gokce Baligi EX EX
Aplocheilichthys sp. nov. 'Naivasha' Unknown EX EX
Azurina eupalama Galapagos Damsel EX NE
Barbus microbarbis Unknown EX EX
Characodon garmani Parras Characodon EX EX
Chasmistes muriei Snake River Sucker EX EX
Chondrostoma scodrense Unknown EX EX
Coregonus alpenae Longjaw Cisco EX EX
Coregonus bezola Bezoule EX EX
Coregonus fera Féra EX EX
Coregonus gutturosus Bodensee Kilch EX EX
Coregonus hiemalis Gravenche EX EX
Coregonus johannae Deepwater Cisco  EX EX
Coregonus nigripinnis Blackfin Cisco EX EX
Coregonus oxyrinchus Houting EX EX
Coregonus restrictus Kröpfer EX EX
Cottus echinatus Utah Lake Sculpin EX EX
Ctenochromis pectoralis Unknown EX EX
Cyprinodon arcuatus Santa Cruz Pupfish EX NE
Cyprinodon ceciliae  Villa Lopez Pupfish EX EX
Cyprinodon inmemoriam Charco Azul Pupfish EX EX
Cyprinodon latifasciatus Parras Pupfish EX EX
Cyprinodon spp. Sandia Pupfish EX EX
Cyprinus yilongensis Unknown EX EX
Empetrichthys merriami Ash Meadows Killifish EX EX
Etheostoma sellare Maryland Darter EX EX
Evarra bustamantei Mexican Dace EX EX
Evarra eigenmanni Mexican Dace EX EX
Evarra tlahuacensis Mexican Dace EX EX
Fundulus albolineatus  Whiteline Topminnow EX EX
Gambusia amistadensis Amistad Gambusia EX EX
Gambusia georgei San Marcos Gambusia EX EX
Gasterosteus crenobiontus Techirghiol Stickleback EX EX
Gila crassicauda Thicktail Chub EX EX
Lepidomeda altivelis Pahranagat Spinedace EX EX
Moxostoma lacerum Harelip Sucker EX EX
Notropis amecae Ameca Shiner EX EX
Notropis aulidion Durango Shiner EX EX
Notropis orca Phantom Shiner EX EX
Notropis saladonis Sardinita de Salado EX EX
Orestias cuvieri Lake Titicaca Orestias EX DD
Pantanodon madagascariensis Unknown EX EX
Platytropius siamensis Siamese Schilbeid Catfish EX EX
Pogonichthys ciscoides Clear Lake Splittail EX EX
Priapella bonita Guayacon Ojiazul EX EX
Prototroctes oxyrhynchus New Zealand Grayling EX EX
Ptychochromis sp. nov. 'Kotro' Unknown EX EX
Ptychochromoides itasy Unknown EX EX
Rhinichthys deaconi  Las Vegas Dace EX EX
Rhizosomichthys totae Unknown EX EX
Romanogobio antipai Danube Delta Gudgeon EX EX
Salmo pallaryi Unknown EX EX
Salmo schiefermuelleri May Trout EX DD
Salvelinus agassizi  Silver Trout EX EX
Salvelinus neocomensis Unknown EX EX
Salvelinus profundus Tiefseesaibling EX EX
Stypodon signifer Stumptooth Minnow EX EX
Telestes ukliva Unknown EX EX
Tristramella intermedia Unknown EX EX
Tristramella magdelainae Unknown EX EX
Xystichromis bayoni Unknown EX EX
Subspecies (12)
Scientific Name Common Name TEW Status IUCN Status
Coregonus kiyi orientalis Lake Ontario Kiyi EX NE
Cyprinella lutrensis blairi Maravillas Red Shiner EX NE
Cyprinodon nevadensis calidae Tecopa Pupfish EX NE
Empetrichthys latos concavus Raycraft Ranch Poolfish EX NE
Empetrichthys latos pahrump Pahrump Ranch Poolfish EX NE
Gila bicolor isolata Independence Valley Tui Chub EX NE
Notropis simus simus Rio Grande Bluntnose Shiner EX NE
Oncorhynchus clarki alvordensis Alvord Cutthroat Trout EX NE
Oncorhynchus clarki macdonaldi Yellowfin Cutthroat Trout EX NE
Rhinichthys cataractae smithi Banff Longnose Dace EX NE
Rhinichthys osculus reliquus Grass Valley Speckled Dace EX NE
Sander vitreus glaucus Blue Pike EX NE


Lampreys (Petromyzontida)

Lampreys or lamprey eels are often classified as the sole surviving representatives of the Linnean class Cephalaspidomorphi (IUCN 2010; Wikipedia-bijdragers 2010; Wikipedia contributors 2010). Fossil evidence now suggests that lampreys and cephalaspids acquired their shared characters by convergent evolution (Forey and Janvier 2000; Janvier 2008, Wikipedia contributors 2010). As such, many newer databases, papers and books such as the fourth edition of Fishes of the World (Nelson 2006) classify lampreys in a separate group called Petromyzontida (or Hyperoarthia) (Wikipedia contributors 2010).

The subjoined table shows the lamprey species that recently became globally extinct. There are no known extinct subspecies yet.

Species (1) / Subspecies (0)
Scientific Name Common Name TEW Status IUCN Status
Eudontomyzon sp. nov. 'migratory' Ukrainian Migratory Lamprey EX EX



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