Globally Extinct: Arachnids

Although the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species (Version 2011.1) has not listed any arachnid as extinct (IUCN 2011), that does not mean there aren't some. We know so little about how many arachnids there are, and where and when they can be found, that it is difficult to know which species are threatened and which may already be extinct. 

Do you know any species or subspecies that should be added to this list or has been rediscovered? If so, please contact this website.

The subjoined table shows the arachnid 3 species that recently became globally extinct. Most likely many more are extinct as well.

Species (3)
Scientific Name Common Name TSEW Status IUCN Status
Diplaegidia gladiator Passenger Pigeon Mite EX NE
Hadronyche pulvinator Cascade Funnelweb Spider EX NE
The Cascade Funnelweb Spider was first described by Hickman in 1926. He found two spider burrows in soft soil near the bank of a creek in the Cascades area near Hobart (Tasmania, Australia). One burrow was about 18cm deep with a silken tube inside. He sketched the burrow, an egg capsule, the spider's eyes and also the adult. Currently it is listed as presumed to be extinct in the schedules of the Tasmanian Threatened Species Protection Act 1995. There have been no other sightings or records of this spider for over 50 years. The place where it was found has now been destroyed through suburban growth. (Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service 2006)
Halarachne americana Caribbean Monk Seal Nasal Mite EX NE
The only parasite identified from the extinct Caribbean Monk Seal (Monachus tropicalis) is the nasal mite Halarachne americana, recovered in great numbers and in all stages of its life cycle from the respiratory passages of a single captive specimen. H. americana is only known from the Caribbean Monk Seal, and after the extinction of the seal in 1952 (last confirmed sighting) this mite has become extinct too. (Adam 2004)



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